What are semi-private training sessions?

Semi-private training sessions are almost exactly like private 1-on-1 training. Every member receives a detailed and individualized workout plan written for their goals and their body. They then execute that workout in the same hour as 4 other members on zoom, or 2 other members in the gym. The CPT watches and makes corrections on form, offers on the spot modifications, progressions and encouragement. The benefit of semi-private training is you get the same excellent workouts at a third of the cost of a private session.

What makes your gym space different than other gyms?
Most gyms have an industrial feel, which can be intimidating to some. Our space feels more like a yoga studio than a gym. Its intimate and light, somewhere you’d recommend to anyone who feels shy about attending big box gyms.
Why get a personal trainer? I can just work out on YouTube for free.
YouTube, or any other pre programmed class or workout can’t assess YOUR movement patterns to tell you if you’re doing a move correctly or not. Our brains are very good at finding the easiest way to do something, but over time, these compensations always lead to injury. We can identify how you’ve been compensating, teach you the proper way, and optimize your body’s movement efficiency. Also there is a science to reaching your fitness goals. A trainer can work with you to come up with the most effective plan to get you there safely.
How is your Physical Therapy different than other methods? I've been injured by Physical Therapy before, and I'm scared to do it again.

We use an evidence based method called PRI. It takes into account the positioning of the pelvis, rib cage, and cranium, all as one system. Most Physical Therapists focus on the symptom, not the cause of the pain. We get to the root of the problem, and teach you how to maintain the new alignment, resulting in lasting relief. It’s like chiropractic work, but your body aligns itself through prescribed exercises.

What is your philosophy on diet and body image?
Your body composition is a result of many factors. Genetics, stress, hormones, sleep, hydration, relationships, emotional history and trauma, and relationship to food all play roles in your resulting body composition. We will never approach weight loss by telling you to eat less and workout more. That method is old and outdated and simply harmful. Instead, we work together to explore the above systems, and when they are balanced, the body becomes the size it is happy at. We understand all of the reasons we are told to look a certain way, and will help you explore those reasons, and get you there in a safe and sustainable way.
Can I use my sessions for zoom and in person at the gym?
Yes, we aim to be as flexible as you need. You may use your sessions for virtual or in person training, and they don’t expire. We simply ask you give us at least 3 hours cancellation notice.