Philosophy on Body Image: From Good to Greater Good

Aug 21, 2020 | Body Image

One of the puzzles of my human existence this go around, is making space for paradox to live and breathe freely in my life. In this case, pertaining to fitness, the question is, how do I love myself as I am, and want to change myself at the same time?

I had a therapist once teach me the sanskrit phrase, “from good, to greater good.”

The answer is to let both exist at the same time.

At Root & Branch, body image means better and happier.

As I scroll thru my insta feed at any given moment, I’m inundated with visuals that promote the same narrative: have less body fat, be better, be accepted, belong, be lovable. As a gym owner, I’m constantly confronted with the pressure to sell this narrative, because, well, sadly it works. The hope that my product will make you “better” and “happier.”

The truth is that you ARE lovable and have access to that joy in any given moment…. AND…..we have been fed this narrative since the beginning of our lives. So it IS TRUE that we feel “better” in a certain shaped body. WE CAN’T DENY THAT.

So, I’m here to give you permission to feel both things at the same time! Gasp! You ARE INCREDIBLY AMAZING right this second, AND its ok to want to look however you want to look.

The real liberation comes when you START DECIDING FOR YOURSELF what that is.

So. If you hadn’t been taught how you “should” feel and look, what would you actually want to look and feel like??

There’s a chance, you might get a bit closer to that illusive pot of gold… and realize, you love the way you are… RIGHT. NOW.

— Gina Daley, Owner & Personal Trainer