Align and Strengthen

Using evidence based methods, our PT Alex de la Paz teaches your body to align and strengthen, providing lasting and powerful results.

All clients start Physical Therapy with a 75-90 minute evaluation by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. At this time they will give you a diagnosis and prognosis, along with an anticipated plan of care that meets you where you need to be met.

Follow-up sessions will be approximately 60 minutes and will include treatment consisting of some combination of the following: corrective exercise, manual therapy and habitual posture/movement awareness training.

In order for Physical Therapy to be successful there needs to be a clear goal in mind with strong adherence and commitment to the plan of care by both the client and the therapist.

We accept most insurance and will bill your plan directly. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation! Or visit Root & Branch Physical Therapy for more info.

This is the best physical therapy experience I’ve ever had. Dr. Alex approaches the body as a complete system, linking all the aches and pains you have and targeting the source of them so you can heal for good. I’ve dealt with chronic jaw, neck and back pain most of my life and this is the first time I’ve felt that it’s actually being corrected not just temporarily relieved. I can’t recommend Dr. Alex and the team at Root and Branch enough!!

~ Alexandra Greiner